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'ello :)

hope all is well with you!

take care,

happy christmas everyone!
and a happy new year, too!

by the by: i am likely to update this entry soon, with the posting of a link to a live-updating web gallery of holiday shots. it will begin with new cottage shots (iconic fluffy white christmas in Canada), followed by California (Francesca and i! my hearts'a'racin'!). after that, i'll include other subgalleries as time passes.

however, for now: thank you all for all your sweet words, +friend's, and favorites - i love how much effort you guys give into flattering me even though i am so infrequent with my own in return, due to the hectic state i seem to find myself in all-too-often. you all bring smiles to my face every time i drop in. and for that, i wish you all what you deserve - excellent holidays and a lovely new year.

[click here for visual]


-Jeremy Fernie
The first bubble of people-shots in a while is set to occur soon, with respective posting in early January 2006.

Family and romance are to be the focus of the bubble, with the usual of nature.

And so far as the nature goes, it will include the capture of Canada's iconic Christmas state, up North.. followed by images of California's beaches and what-not.

In other news.. I was notified (a while ago) that "Tonight" received its 1,000th view. Thanks guys!!! :rose:

And in what ought to be the headline of news..

Happy holidays everyone!!! :glomp:


Update (the next day)
I just want to say.. you guys.. any of you that view my stuff.. comment on it.. read any of these entries.. all of you.. you're the reason i keep coming back here. you guys truly know how to make a fella smile. and at the same time.. hell, i'll say it - you really know how to make him envious, too. though i may not comment often.. let that not give the wrong impression; though the visits are quick, courtesy of the hectic state of life lately, i remain as exposed to your beautiful works as i've always been.

you guys are simply lovely. so again..  to you, the lot that often makes even my cruddy days happy - happy holidays.


-Jeremy Fernie
October already eh.

Well anyway.. I've posted 3 pictures from today.. but none from my cottage weekend that just passed.. so there's still more to come.

In the mean-time.. hope you guys like those.

And yes, i'm still catching up on all your lovely comments and +fav's and your own new pieces, i know, i know.. sorry - life's so heavy sometimes - got to have balance, whether ya want to or not eh.

so.. for now..

like.. wholy damn.. i am pretty overwhelmed with all these comments and fav's you guys have shot my way..

so i want you all to know that i'm working, slowly but surely, to get back to all of you.. and to catch up with your galleries..

and thank you all.. so much. it's nice to know that my work hasn't turn to rubbish..

heck, it's nice to see that people even still check my stuff out :D


do you ever wish you could pause time.. just to take a breather?

time flies.

it's already 2 weeks from being over eh :S

oh well - in any case.. it's been busy - but busy in a good way. 80% family oriented, too.. with the other 20 being devoted pretty much to m'lady (Francesca) and a couple concerts.

check out my latest pieces - i worked pretty hard on'em.. especially "Wonder".

thanks :)

Take care,

so so so so so so so.. meh, lots of happenings lately, naturally.. a pretty big mix of the good and the bad..

but right now - things are good.

just been tidying up around the house, taking care of fam-ness, etc.. oh.. and i got to catch up with / re-form a nifty friendship last night, finally :D

and, as usual.. loveness is going great too.. J+F ^_^


So.. still alive. alive and well though?
In some respects.. yes, we (and i) are indeed - finally. And as for the exceptions..

Well, we're getting there.
It seems that we can now (confidently) say that the worst is behind us.

I suppose I might submit a picture or two, as I am waiting for a goodnight call to cast me to bed. Afterall, it feels as if it's been years since I've done-so.

so, first year (university) finals now.

i've hardly done much here, i know. and if that has actually upset anyone, then i'm sorry. as soon as the summer hits, i'll give my Nikon D70 the work-out i've been dying to give it, since the school year has been so hectic and busy.

when i do, i'll most likely have a more 'balanced' array of content. as opposed to a purely nature focus, i'll probably be taking quite a few shots involving people, too.. most importantly: family.


mum's still on the road to recovery.. and it's going (she's doing) great now.


this year has been.. like no other, really.
it's been.. an adventure, to say the least.
we're going to make a video memorial to the year, we think (my roommates and i).
perhaps i'll post it on an ftp, webstream size, when we do.


anyhoo, time to get back to studying.

so far.. mum is on the road to recovery (again.. since this is the third aneurysm), it seems.

thank you for your wishes and prayers folks.
..i actually can't thank you enough.


i apologize for not being around lately.. but i'm afraid this absence is going to be continued, especially in light of recent events.

to be more specific - really, just one event.. regarding my mumsy.

starting with two (shortly after the new year), my mother has just-recently had a third aneurysm. and this time, it's even worse.. which we thought was impossible..

so.. my mum (and ultimately my family) is in need of your prayers.. your hopes.. your wishes.. anything.

even if you have no idea who i am / who she is.. even if you don't like me (and have somehow wound up reading this).. please, push all that aside - trust me.. she deserves it. nobody should have to experience what she has and is.. especially one who works, to no end, to make the lives of so many others so much better.

thank you.

with love,

squeezed the first few new pieces in before the new year :p

speaking of.. happy new year to you :hug:

i wish you more-than-very-pleasant new one :)

soon, i'll finally be posting some new material.. namely: from the UK trip i am presently on.

anyhoo.. how are your holidays going so far, folks? you better say you all had lovely x-mas's :P

with love,


PS looking for some chill/relaxing tunes? if so, then check out Mike Oldfield's "Tres Lunas" album.. it's a must.
happy holidays folks.

with love,

let's go somewhere else.
somewhere far away.
like.. home.
or England.
or Japan.
so long..
as it's far,
far away.

yesterday was so crazy..

it started out so shitty, as i woke up.. on my chair.. since i was up all night working - and found that i was only 3/4 done the Design project for that day. furthermore.. that i was already about to be late (in appx 15 min).

but.. as soon as i got there.. the shite state faded..

as.. they quite liked my design project.. i handled some good comments on theirs (some of which i really loved, including Jenna's & Cecilia's..).. then, Jenna and i had to run for the shuttle bus. however.. we missed it.. thus, we had to do transit to get back to campus - i missed the first half hour of philosophy.

but ya know what? i wouldn't have had it any other way; it was the most enjoyable bus rides i've had in years.. literally.

i'm so happy that i've finally made some real friends.. ones that, as i care for them.. they care for me.. ones that care to hear me, as i do them.. authenticity is key.

and the neat thing.. is that not only am i not trying to decipher.. but if i had to.. i wouldn't be able to say who my best friend/friends is/are, without mentioning quite a few..

so.. Matt, Jenna, Adam, Andrea, Melissa.. so on and so forth.

and of course.. non-UTM.. mumsy, Sootie, popsy, bro (half the time), Rob(ert).

and last, but hella-friggen-not-least.. Franchwesca. ^_^

(gotcha worried/upset eh hun :P --- lol.. only messin' XD)

so yeah --- i love all you guys.

[and you DA-folks, too.. of course :)]


anyhoo.. gotta have a quick shower and head to class.


with love.
with sincerity.


PS sorry for being so busy outside of DA.. but you guys should begin to expect some new pieces sometime within the next month.. sooner than later, though - but they'll prolly come. :)
this weekend was the best our house has had yet..

the best night of which being last night.. when we held an awesome party here..

couldn't have gone much better.

and man.. i love being a DJ..

with the on-set of the mid-point of the first term, came a the usual university load.. which is still coming, a little, this week..

being in the joint program between Sheridan (famous arts college) and University of Toronto (university), things aren't like college.. and they aren't like university. instead, they're a rather odd hybrid (in every way, really).

however, with a minor exception here and there, i quite like the whole thing. it tends to be quite fun.. and even the intense times have their zings to 'em.


how's your life? what are you up to?

i admit - i miss talkin' to you guys through our comments and all.. so, don't  think i don't - things just have to be kept tightly knit :)


happy birthday to Bertha!

secondly, look out - fall has returned.. and been captured. again.

however - this year, the theme has shifted from the unhappily beautiful.. to the happy sort.

thirdly, finger painting is beyond fun. remind yourself - go do it. let your inner-kid free and do it. right now. ^_^



Update: a few hours later..
there ya go.. one of 'em (so far).
as always, i'd love to hear your thoughts ^_^