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sorry fellas.. gotta post this here.. it's just too hard not to, since i feel so strongly about it.. and since this really is a big part of me (technology).

so.. here goes.

on Monday, Apple released the 4th Generation iPod.

yeah, yeah.. "wow!"

before continuing here, if you haven't already, read up please -->

and to see what the 3G looked (and looks) like:…


so.. 4G iPod.. "wow!"?

not really. in fact, when it comes to the new iPod design.. it turns out that about many of the articles and feedback-notes i've read, all over the web from people of all sorts and ages.. are essentially complaints. whether they be..
- aimed at the daft lie about price-drop (the price is dropped, but not really.. due to not getting nearly all of the standard accessories anymore - it's almost a price-rip)..
-or aimed at the loss of so much ease (controls)..
-or aimed at the loss of aesthetic quality (obtained yucky grey shade + loss of pretty orange, etc)..
-etc etc etc..

people just aren't happy with Steve Jobbs, this time.

and i have to say.. i am part of this group. the only strong changes that have occured, in addition to that, consist of improved battery life (but only by "4 hrs", which probably means about 1 or 2) & new firmware (like software, the iPod's digital user interface.. the menu, etc). but but but - on the firmware front, there is also controversy: from now on, it seems, Apple has abandoned all non-4G/mini iPod owners (anyone who bought an iPod before Monday) - they will not provide any of the new software features through Software Update, as they used to (and still could, just as easily). sure, you can say "but they have to make their business through selling new iPods, man!" - but guys.. Apple prides itself on quality, regardless of age.. Software Update has always chugged away on even some should-be-trashed on computers (G3s, etc) out there, even to this day.. and it can and does because it's simply software, as it would be/is for the iPod too!

by the way, personally: i quite hate the iPod "Click Wheel" design (mini-born, 4G-adapted).. it was fine for the mini, i guess.. but on the iPod - it's horrid. it complicates it by trying to simplify it.. loses the ease-through-simplicity.. loses the ease of use at night (not backlit!).. and loses the aesthetical value. (i could go on so much about this seemingly-minor issue.. or rather.. annoyance)

so.. i guess i'll stop there.. you get the picture.

in conclusion.. many diehard Apple users and lovers are upset, me included. for now (and for a long time after, too :)), i am very happy with my 3G 40GB iPod, thank you very much.

as someone out there said.. "maybe next time" - afterall, Apple has always been a billion miles ahead of everyone else in their innovations and genius.

cause.. don't get me wrong, fellas.. i truly am an Apple lover, and will always be.. i couldn't live without my Powerbook or iPod [or Airport express, very soon ;)].

so.. with that said - good luck with the new iMac's development, Apple ;)



PS sorry, had to get that outta my system.. :)
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tin25tin Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2004   Photographer
lol...good stuff.


recondite Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2004   Photographer
translation: Panther duplication attempt>>>;P anther duplication attempt>>>;Panther duplication attempt>>>;Panther duplication attempt>>>;Panther duplication attempt>>>;Panther duplication attempt>>>

BTW:Panther duplication attempt>>>


er, i guess it's Tiger duplication time, eh ;)
tin25tin Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2004   Photographer
I was REALLY REALLY bored...heh boredom rullz!
recondite Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2004   Photographer
no idea what that icon is about.. but i meant to repeat Panther duplication attempt>>>

as you probably guessed..

daffy deviantart icons..
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Submitted on
July 23, 2004